Together, we can create
ideas to change the world.

Housing associations have always turned society’s challenges into opportunities to improve people’s lives. Creating our Future will tap into the energy and enthusiasm of the entire sector to better understand the trends shaping the future and co-create ground-breaking ideas in response.


How will it work ?

Between now and the end of the year we’re running a series of Ideas Labs – interactive brainstorming workshops – across the country. We want people from all different types of roles in housing to come along. Sign up for an Ideas Lab.

We’ll take the best ideas to a three-day hackathon early next year. This will bring together housing association staff and external experts, to accelerate ideas and generate initial prototypes.

We’ll then bring housing associations together to incubate these prototypes. They’ll be developed, refined and tested so they can be implemented and scaled across the sector.

All this will culminate in our expo, where we’ll launch our ideas to the outside world. We’ll explore how we work together to take our futures work to the next level in the years to come.

Get involved

We’re going to involve people from every housing association, in every type of job, to create our ideas.

We want you to be involved. Sign up for updates.


Up to £15m investment available

Big Society Capital is looking to invest up to £15m in ideas from Creating our Future. These ideas must be innovative, socially impactful and sustainable, with a robust business model. Sign up to an Ideas Lab to help co-create the next big idea.