We spoke to hundreds of housing association staff and tenants from across the country to gather your views on the big social challenges we face that housing associations are well placed to help tackle.

You said we can do even more to improve the lives of the people we exist to serve, just by thinking differently about our homes, services and roots into communities. These are the areas we’re going to nurture new ideas in response to through the Greenhouse.


Home of tomorrow

When it came to reimagining our homes, we collectively identified these challenges:

Building better

Removing the false choice between quality and affordability

How might we build high quality homes more quickly, designing them around the individual needs and desires of the people we house?

Choosing change

Offering real choice as people get older

How might we provide older people with housing options they like when their needs change?

Transforming tenure

Giving the next generation a stake in a home by developing new tenure models

How might we rethink ownership and tenure to give young people the opportunity of a real stake in their home?

Prioritising people

When it came to reimagining our services, we collectively identified these challenges:

People powered

Designing services around the individual

How might we reimagine our services to give tenants real choice and control, ensuring they're tailored to their individual needs and desires?

Person, not patient

Giving people control over their care

How might we put tenants in control of their care and support and ensure these services are better tailored to the individual?

halting homelessness

Halting homelessness

Ending rough sleeping

How might we work together to get people off the streets and into homes with the support they need?

Realising potential

When it came to reimagining our communities, we collectively identified these challenges:

A fair shot

Ensuring everyone can take part

How might we help our tenants get ahead, giving them the skills and opportunities they need to take part in today’s economy?

Community’s got talent

Tapping into the talent within all our communities

How might we help people come together and get the most from each other, sharing skills, knowledge and learning to bridge divides and build stronger communities?

You can read about what all of these mean in more detail in this summary.