Welcome to the Greenhouse

A groundbreaking programme to nurture talent and ideas across the housing association sector.


What’s it all about?

The Greenhouse starts on 25 June and will bring together 26 people from housing associations from every region in the country and part of our sector.

Over a cutting-edge full-time 16-week programme, participants will collaborate to develop ideas and turn them into tangible concepts for products and services. These will be rooted in our social purpose, will transform lives and will be scalable across the sector and the country.

The teams

Close to 100 people from nearly 60 housing associations applied to be on the Greenhouse. After a rigorous selection process including a three-day Future Hack event, we have now chosen the teams of housing association staff who will be participating.

This is the first time social innovation has ever been attempted at this scale.


Team 1: Building Better – finding new ways to build high quality affordable homes

  • Tracey Allen, Thames Valley Housing
  • Trina Chakravarti, National Housing Federation
  • Timothy Entwistle, Flagship Group
  • Jay Mistry, RHP
  • Thomas Nicholls, Notting Hill Genesis.

Team 2: Adapting with Age – ensuring homes adapt as people’s needs change

  • Chelsea Fleming, National Housing Federation
  • Katie Gilmartin, Home Group
  • Patricia Grierson, Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • Paul Pentelow, Karbon Homes
  • James Place, Accent Housing
  • Laura Wood, North Star Housing Group.

Team 3: Halting Homelessness – ensuring everyone has a home

  • Jill Bamford, emh group
  • Tommy Collins, Rooftop Housing Group
  • Claire Dovey, Cheltenham Borough Homes
  • Kim Ellis, Aldwyck Housing Group
  • John Pierce, National Housing Federation.

Team 4: People Powered – ensuring those on low incomes have real choice

  • Alan Barnish, Magenta Living
  • Jacqui Grimes, Irwell Valley Housing
  • Will McLoughlin, One Manchester
  • Katie Teasdale, National Housing Federation
  • Rachel Willacy, Torus.

Team 5: Transforming Tenure – giving the next generation a stake

  • John Butler, National Housing Federation
  • Angela Ellis, Raven Housing Trust
  • Miranda Foster, Radian Group
  • Ben Rutter, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Jack Weaver, Flagship Group.

The role for smaller housing associations

We want smaller associations to play an active role in our groundbreaking innovation work and are inviting nominations for each of the teams’ steering groups.


Want to find out more?

If you have any queries about the Greenhouse, please email us on futures@housing.org.uk.