Welcome to the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a groundbreaking programme to nurture talent and ideas across the housing association sector.


What’s it all about?

From late June, for 16 weeks, 15 people will work in teams to develop tangible concepts for products or services that tackle one of the big social challenges we have collectively identified.

Each team’s starting point will be the hundreds of ideas we are crowdsourcing from housing association staff and their tenants, from the recent Ideas Labs and online.

We’re recruiting housing association innovators to join the programme – people who have strategic insight about their organisation and the creativity and drive to turn new ideas into reality.



Housing associations are invited to put forward up to three applications for the Greenhouse. We will go through a rigorous shortlisting process to identify 35 applicants for the next stage of the process.


These 35 participants will be split into teams and assigned social challenges to address. They will be given intensive support and training over a three-day period at the Future Hack to develop ideas into initial prototypes. As well as co-creating the ideas we need, the event will be used to identify 15 people who will progress on to the structured Greenhouse programme.

Want to find out more?

We hope you will be as excited about the Greenhouse programme as we are. Here is some more information:

If you have any queries about the Greenhouse, please email us on futures@housing.org.uk.